5 Quick tips to get ready for summer

While this winter seems to be never-ending, the cold air and piles of snow will be swapped out for hot summer days and sand dunes before long. When this reality sets in, I instantly panic and think — I’m not ready!

When New Year’s Eve came around, I was more than ready to join the revolutionists vowing to make it a healthy 2014. So, for a few weeks I gave it my all. I worked out at home (because I wasn’t committed enough to join a gym), and I ate healthily. Within a couple of weeks, I had lost 6 pounds and was feeling encouraged! Then, Valentine’s Day happened. My fiancé spoiled me with the biggest box of chocolate-covered cherries I’d ever seen! Well, then, the Valentine’s Day candy went on sale. Who can argue with half-priced Pot of Gold? Quickly, the giant wave of life, and life’s temptations overpowered my dedication to my resolution.

Now, I’m faced with it once again and am committed to, not only getting swimsuit ready, but also being healthier. Here are a five easy ways I’m going to jump-start my road to a healthier me. Come on and join me!

1. Sign up for a fitness class
Classes are great, especially, if you’re new to working out. Not only do you have the support system of the entire group going through the same strenuous activity you are, but also there is an instructor making sure you don’t give up (even though you might take a tiny break when their back is turned). Whether it’s zumba, yoga or kickboxing — find something you’ll enjoy, and commit to going on a weekly basis.

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2. Drink more water
After a workout, it’s important to refresh your muscles afterward. Not only does it help fight off dehydration, but drinking plenty of water helps flush out all of those toxins you just worked so hard to break loose. So, grab your favorite cup and drink, drink, drink!

3. Meal plan
It never fails. I think I will get home from a tiring day at work and whip up an amazing dinner. Instead, I frequently find myself exhausted; and because I don’t have a plan, I resort to something quick and unhealthy. If this sounds like you, join me in committing to planning out a weekly menu on Sundays, buying all the grocers necessary and sticking to the plan.

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4. Eat slower
I get it. Life is hectic, but if we can’t even slow down to eat, then, all is lost. Turn off the TV, put down the smartphone and enjoy the meal you have put together. Not only will this dedicated time help relieve stress, but eating slowly helps you realize when you are full. This helps cut the amount of calories you consume. When you gulp down your food quickly or without thinking, you eat more before you feel full.

5. Sit up straight
I am a perpetual slacker, in the physical sense. I know I’m not alone — sitting in a chair for eight hours a day is tough. Frequently, I find myself slouching or hunching my back. But sitting up straight instantly makes you look thinner and helps tone your muscles. So join me — sit and walk tall. Be confident that you can accomplish your goals.

Summer will be here before you know it! Make your plan to get ready.

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