Happy New Year to Me!

What better way to start the New Year off than paying less than $1 for almost 20 gallons of Shell gas? That’s right, I paid $0.37 to fill up my car. How you ask? Simply by doing things I already do on a daily basis.

Not only am I an employee of Excentus, I am an active Member in the Fuel Rewards Network™ program. The FRN™ program allows you to dine out and shop your way to incredible fuel savings.

Since joining the program in July 2012, I have earned Fuel Rewards® savings for eating at some of my favorite Dallas restaurants and shopping online. I booked two of my business trips and bought flowers for my sister (delivered right to her house) through the Online Mall and celebrated my birthday with my closest friends at one of our favorite sushi places in the West Village.

I also earned rewards for purchasing most of the items on my Christmas list this year through the Online Mall: an iPad for my mom, a new outdoor cooler for dad, and Starbucks Card eGifts for my colleagues at work. I even bought a few things for my Christmas angel, a deserving 18 year-old girl living at the Genesis. And best of all, these were items I had already planned to purchase!

With the Fuel Rewards Network program, I earned 10¢/gal for every $50 spent at participating restaurants through the Dining program and 5¢/gal (or more!) for every $50 spent shopping any of the nearly 700 Online Mall merchants. By making purchases just as I normally would, I accumulated enough Fuel Rewards savings to fill up my small SUV for $0.37 (total!) at one of DFW’s participating Shell stations. Want to start your New Year off on the right foot? Visit fuelrewards.com to join the Fuel Rewards Network program for free today and start saving!

Cari Euart
Member since July 25, 2012
Lowest total price paid for fuel: $0.37 for 19.369 gallons
*Fuel Rewards Network program Members save on average $0.29/gal.

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