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As the founder and CEO of Excentus and on behalf of the nearly 200 dedicated associates in this organization, I would like to welcome you to the Fuel Rewards Network™ (FRN) blog and say thank you to all our Members, partners and employees.  When I founded the company 17 years ago, I did so with a vision to ultimately do good things for consumers while creating good careers for people as well.  Early on we came to believe that providing consumers cents-per-gallon discounts that rolled the price down right in front of their eyes at the pump was the ultimate consumer reward.  Not only would this be a chance to instantly reward people for their loyalty, it would save them money on their fuel purchases, which we all have to do no matter what the price is at that time.  And that is exactly what we have done with the FRN™ program and why I describe the FRN program and our company as “For the people, by the people”.

Since launching the FRN program nationally in June 2012, we have been very busy with our national redemption participant, Shell, rolling the program out to over 10,000 Shell locations across the country and we continue to add more Shell locations every day to make it as convenient as possible for Members like you to redeem Fuel Rewards® savings for discounts on quality fuel.  In conjunction with the opportunity to earn Fuel Rewards savings at participating grocery stores, over 700 online retailers and 10,000 restaurants nationwide, we have introduced the Shell Fuel Rewards program, which lets Members earn even more Fuel Rewards savings when purchasing everyday products and services at participating Shell locations.

We are excited to introduce these opportunities to our family of more than 1 million FRN Members and the roughly 100,000 new Members who register each week.  We’re even more excited, however, about the additional features coming out over the next few months. Our team has been working diligently to add more ways for Members to earn rewards for everyday activity.  For example, very soon we will be introducing our Thank You promotion, which will provide instant savings of at least 3 cents per gallon every time FRN Members fill up at a participating Shell location until the end of the year.

All of this is saving good, but we want to make it great! We have set a goal to save FRN Members $1 billion on their fuel purchases. This means that FRN Members will have $1 billion dollars to spend on the other things they need and want, which we hope will also help put some fun back into life during these trying economic times. By making gas affordable, we hope to help hard-working people across the country have the means to find, and get to and from their jobs every day or just to take that special trip to see or be with family and friends for some fun. We are dedicated to making this goal a reality and are prepared to do whatever it takes to make our program better by making it more convenient to use and providing more ways for FRN Members to earn Fuel Rewards savings to use toward free Shell fuel.  Part of the goal for this improved program  is to provide FRN Members with the opportunity to earn rewards through at least 75% of their spend each month.

I know that people often say if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.  Well, we are very proud of the fact that the FRN program is one of the few exceptions!  It works, it’s free and it’s definitely NOT a gimmick! Anyone that drives can benefit from it and all you have to do is buy what you normally buy to earn your Fuel Rewards savings and get your free fuel!!

So again, welcome to the FRN program, thank you for your membership and support, and let’s save Americans $1 billion or more! Finally,  we welcome feedback from our Members and encourage you all to share your savings success stories and your ideas or feedback on how we can continue to improve the FRN program through this blog or on our Facebook page. If you’re curious about what some of these savings success stories sound like, I encourage you to check out this YouTube video of my own personal experience with the FRN program.


Best blogging,


Dickson Perry

Founder, Chairman and CEO ( and Chief FRN Member)

Excentus Corporation – provider of the Fuel Rewards Network


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