Love Letter to the FRN Online Mall: Kate Spade


Dear FRN Online Mall,


Today I have a new-found appreciation for you, and am sorry for the way I’ve been ignoring you. I was just browsing on Pinterest when I came across a kate spade iPhone 5 case I just HAD to have! So I went to and found it.  I was about to purchase when I noticed a box asking for a promo code. I didn’t have one, and felt like i needed one, I wanted one…and then it dawned on me, the FRN Online Mall always has special deals and promo codes for top brands.  I didn’t know if kate spade was in there, but I wasn’t about to pay full price for something without checking, so I went to just to see. I typed in kate spade in the search box and low and behold there she was with, I might add, a 2x reward bonus AND a deal for 20% off my order!!


buy kate spade iphone cover and save on gas


When I clicked on the “Get 20% off full price items.” a handy dandy box popped up with my promo code!


I copied the code and then clicked Continue to kate spade, I was then taken directly to where I could complete my purchase. Since I knew exactly what I was getting I just found it on the site, added it to my cart and went to check out.  There I entered my handy promo code and now my $40 purchase was $32! PLUS since I went to FROM the FRN Online Mall the purchase is linked to my FRN Account, and while I didn’t spend $50 on today’s purchase, it did help me earn my way towards not 5¢ but 10¢ off a gallon because of the 2x rewards! I am beyond excited about my savvy shopping skills, and will always use the FRN Online Mall for my online purchases from now on! Thank you FRN!


Oh P.S. Here is my adorable phone case!

buy kate spade iphone cover and save on gas


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