Make a Date with the MasterCard® Dining & Movie Offer, Part I

This year, you both agreed to plan one date night a month, and it’s working out wonderfully. Last month he took you out for dinner and dancing. This month it’s your turn to treat him.

While you’re planning the date for him, you’ll both celebrate the Fuel Rewards® savings you earn with the current MasterCard Dining & Movie Offer. As long as you use a MasterCard that’s linked to your FRN™ Account, you’ll earn 5¢/gal for every $100 you spend at restaurants and/or movie theaters. As always, the FRN Program will keep track of how much you spend and add your rewards to your account every time you reach the $100 mark.

You’re taking him to the sports bar that opened recently. You’ve seen him eye it a few times. Lucky for him, you’ve already looked at its website – a great menu with affordable prices. It has walls of TVs, darts and pool tables. His kind of place with his kind of food – burgers and beer! After dinner you’re going to the new thriller that opens this weekend, but he has to promise not to laugh when you close your eyes during the nerve-wracking parts. By the end of the evening, you’ll be well on your way to earning your first Dining & Movie reward.

By the time he eats lunch out a couple of times this week and you take the kids through the local drive-thru on the way to soccer practice, you’ll earn your first 5¢/gal reward. Since you’ve promised to take the kids to the new animated movie next week, you’ll soon be on your way to a second reward. Remember, you’ll earn Fuel Rewards savings with your dining AND movie spend!

Plus, the MasterCard Dining & Movie Offer is available next month too (expires 3/31/14). Maybe he’ll take you to that little bistro downtown. Since the bistro is part of the FRN Dining program, you could earn even more rewards! And, if you remind him, he might take you to that new chick flick – you’ll promise not to laugh when he closes his eyes during the mushy parts!


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