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It has been said that there is not a more superstitious group of people than that of the sports fanatic, who with their rituals and traditions help support their team to victory every game day without fail.  These are not just fans, they live for the game, and while it has been a long six month wait…Football season is back!

This also means that one of the biggest rituals for American football fans has returned as well, tailgating.  Tailgating is not just grilling, a get together, or mere appetizers before the game, it is an art. Creating the perfect tailgate experience requires many necessary components, great food, fun games, delicious drinks, and most of all camaraderie, we’re talking sporting body paint with your buddies…no matter the temperature. The best tailgating includes passion and creativity with every flip of burger and dip of chip, so to help you be a tailgating champion every time, check out our Fall Pinterest Board for ideas, and shop through shop.fuelrewards.com for all of your fan gear to earn Fuel Rewards savings to get you to the game!


Join us this season!

We’ll be stopping at various college and NFL games throughout the season to support the teams, the traditions, and of course the food! Come tailgate with us and learn how you can get the best for less at participating Shell stations!

Tailgate Stops:

Sep 14 – Ole Miss vs Texas

Sep 28 – Wisconsin vs Ohio

Oct 5 –    Kentucky vs South Carolina

Oct 19 – Auburn vs Texas A&M

Oct 20 – Browns vs Packers

Oct 26 – Penn State vs Ohio

Nov 2 – Georgia vs Florida

Nov 9 – Miss State vs Texas A&M

Nov 23 – Texas A&M vs LSU




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