Thank You Fuel Rewards Network

It is such a rush working for a company on a mission to save people real money on fuel, especially when one of those people is me.  I registered for my free Fuel Rewards Network™ Card the day Excentus launched the program in June 2012.  I love to dine out and during the holidays, I became an avid online shopper.   I look to the FRN website,, as my avenue to the endless number of stores and restaurants where I can earn Fuel Rewards® savings.

By the time the redemption locations became active in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I had already earned $3.30 cents per gallon.  My first fill up was 20 gallons for which I paid a total of $.38 (or $.019/gal).  I saved over $61 on my first redemption.  I was so excited that I made a copy of my receipt, took a screenshot from the FRN home page of ‘My Available Rewards’ and sent it out to over 100 of my friends.   That was on 12/13/12.  Just a few months later, my lifetime savings is almost $175.  That is real money that I saved through the FRN!

I have even started saving bottle caps of Coca-Cola products.  Thanks to another way to earn and save with MyCokeRewards.  My favorite example I like to tell me friends about is dining out.  Find a participating location in the Dining Program and see if there are any Groupons for that restaurant.  If so, logon to your FRN account and shop the Groupon website through the Online Mall.  Buy the Groupon and earn $.05 for each $50 spent through the Online Mall, and earn $.10 for every $50 spent when you dine at a participating restaurant.  That’s what I call a WIN / WIN!

Thank you Fuel Rewards Network!

Mike Gentry
Member since June 4, 2012
Total FRN™ program lifetime savings: $174.95
*Fuel Rewards Network program Members save on average $0.32/gal. 



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