The Mother’s Day Quandry: What to Get Mom — When She’s Not Giving Hints

“I don’t need anything. Every day is Mother’s Day for me.”

That’s a sentence I heard often as I was growing up and even after I became an adult. I was blessed with a great mom who always believed that she got the better end of the deal. Of course, I know she was wrong; I was the true winner. Regardless of her feelings about Mother’s Day gifts, I shopped for my mom every year. Sometimes I found the perfect gift; sometimes I wasn’t so savvy.

Maybe you ask your mother each year what she wants, and she gives you an answer similar to my mom’s. That’s the answer I give my daughter each year! But she still wants to give me a gift, and I bet you want to do some shopping for a special mom (wife, grandmother, sister or friend) in your life. Go ahead and browse the hundreds of stores at our Online Mall. Need some ideas? As a mom (daughter, wife, sister), I have a few:

Fragrance. I’m someone who never feels dressed without perfume or body splash. I bet one of the women in your life feels the same.
Food. Consumables make great gifts, especially for those ladies who seem to have everything. Choices range from gourmet chocolate to exotic dips to fruit-of-the-month clubs.
Jewelry. While diamonds have never been my best friend, I’ve always had a fondness for sapphires. How do you know what she likes? Watch what she wears and shop accordingly.
Flowers. Whether she likes fresh-cut flowers or prefers a plant, receiving a floral delivery is a kick women never tie of. (Special note to men gifting a significant other: Send flowers to her workplace when you can; she loves hearing the envious ooohs and ahhhs from others.)
Gift cards. I grew up thinking that giving money was a present of last resort. This isn’t true of gift cards. Showing her that you know where she likes to shop reminds her that you pay attention – an exquisite demonstration of love.

Gifts in all price ranges can be found for these ideas when you shop websites through our Online Mall. Watch for sites that offer 2X, 3X, even 5X rewards. Earning Fuel Rewards® savings makes shopping for Mother’s Day gifts a bonus for you and a sense of pride for your mom (she raised you to be practical too!).

Of course, beyond gift-giving, Mom loves getting out for a nice lunch or dinner. Be sure to find one of her favorite restaurants that is also part of our Dining program. She’ll enjoy the meal and the time you’ve dedicated to her; you’ll enjoy saving at the pump!

Even though she may think every day is Mother’s Day, you only have one day a year to express the love and gratitude to your mom in such an exceptional way. Make it special – for both of you!

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