We’re out to save America $1 billion on fuel!

Since we launched the Fuel Rewards Network™ (FRN) program on June 4, 2012 we have helped save Americans more than 100 million dollars on fuel and that’s only the beginning. Sure a hundred million is nice, but this year we’re pledging to save Americans 1 BILLION dollars on fuel!

To do this, we’re hitting the road in our FRV (Fuel Rewards® Vehicle) for the  Great American Fuel Price Relief Tour. We’ll be traveling the country, stopping in communities and at various events along the way to spread the joy of free fuel and help educate people on all of the great ways to save with the FRN program. Keep track of the FRV and watch for us in your area here.

The best part is that every Member of the Fuel Rewards Network program can help make our pledge a reality! Just join the FRN program, shop in our Online Mall, dine out at participating dining locations, buy groceries at a participating grocer in your area, and watch the savings add up. The more our Members save on fuel, the closer we get to our goal of $1 billion in fuel savings!


$1 billion dollars can add up to:

• 10,000 college educations

• 250,000 family vacations

• 10,000,000 little black dresses

• 17,000,000 tennis lessons

• 18,000,000 date nights

• 10,000,000 weeks of groceries

• 600,000,000 cups of coffee

• 33,000,000 baseball gloves

• 500,000,000 ice cream cones


What does saving $1 billion mean to you? Tell us what you would do with these savings in the comments below.

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